Fab-Find Friday: Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants

Friends, I have to be honest with you… pants are not my friends. I have CURVES on my bottom half, which has made it near impossible for me to find great fitting pants. Especially comfortable pants.

Well- hallelujah! I have found the Holy Grail of pants in the Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant. The minute I put them on in the dressing room I instantly looked (and felt) sassier! And more than that, I felt fabulous, which is how we all want to feel when wearing our clothes right?!

These pants are beyond comfortable (imagine the comfort of your favorite leggings), absolutely perfect for work, play, and life in between, and are affordable to invest in.

Need I say more… Hurry and scoop them up now!!

Top: Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top (here) // Pants: Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant (here) // Boots: Steve Madden Ranaldo (here) // Necklace: Target (here

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  1. Anonymous
    December 15, 2013 / 9:16 pm

    The boots go so well with those pants! Looks so comfy…TYJ

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