Organize Me Monday: Style Notebook (part 3)

As we wrap up our three part series on my style notebook (you can catch part 1 and part 2 if you missed them) I want to talk to you today about adapting this system for other projects or topics. Although I certainly love fashion (live and breathe it actually) there are a lot of other great ways you can use this system to keep your life organized!

One idea I have (and probably a future set of notebooks for me) is for home decorating. There are so many beautiful ideas out there, that although you may not replicate completely, they lend themselves to giving lots of inspiration!

image via pinterest

If you were to adapt the style notebooks for home decorating I would split up my tabs by room of the house: bedroom, master bath, laundry room, kitchen, living room, etc. This way, if you decide to re-do a room all your ideas are in one place and easy to find!

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I think another really great way to adapt this system is for wedding planning. You can split your tabs into flowers, The Dress, bridesmaids dresses, music, decor, invitations, save the dates, etc and fill it with pictures of your dream day!

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I love the idea of personalizing your wedding planning system to your own unique needs, rather than using a store-bought generic system. This allows you the freedom to customize as you need to (and make it as small- or in my case as BIG as you need to)!

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However you choose to organize your life, I hope that this series has given you inspiration (and perhaps a new idea or two) for new ways to simplify your life!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2013 / 3:42 pm

    I think I might like to adapt it to "recipes I would like to try". Instead of having them pile up in a box and get buried, a notebook divided into sections that match my recipes boxes (where I file those I have made and loved) would make it far easier to find those I have clipped. And I would be inspired to try new recipes as I leaf thru it. Thanks for the inspiration. TYJ

    • December 31, 2013 / 5:56 pm

      I love that idea!! Yes you can adapt this idea for anything in your life 🙂

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