Organize Me Monday: Start 2014 With a Plan(ner)

Y’all I am so excited to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart… my planner! Since we are all beginning an exciting new year (hello 2014!) I thought it was the perfect time to share with you how I organize my planner, and maybe give you a few tips for organizing yours.

First things first… with all the commitments I have on my plate I devised a color-coding system for myself so when I looked at my monthly and weekly overviews I could see instantly where my commitments were falling.

{Hint: I made my color-codes related to what they were for… Green is the color of money, hence why everything associated with Junior League fundraisers is highlighted in green. And, “pink for personal” & “blue for board” kind-of rhymed and helped me remember my own system!}

Now, here is the monthly overview page… I put all my events on this page. I leave of specifics (like time and location) because there is plenty of space on the weekly pages. I consider this my “month at a glance”.

Now we will look at the weekly view. Again, I use my color coding system to highlight my events. I also add post-its to my week with my “to-do” list. I like to keep my to-do list in my planner since I always have my planner with me! It also helps me as I look at my week to budget my time and when I can take care of the tasks on my list. {Side-note: My planner came with cute stickers and I love to add them to fun events like weddings! Keep your planner fun, it will help you stay motivated to keep up with keeping it organized :)}

I hope that these simple tips (and a peek inside my planner) gives you a few ideas for yours, or maybe inspires you to keep one. I can tell you that nothing makes me happier than an organized planner! 🙂 

Planner: Lilly Pulitzer (brand new January edition here)

Cheers to an organized 2014!

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  1. January 6, 2014 / 11:43 am

    I started using this organization system and have never been more organized. Phone calendars are great for quick but this kept me organized and well planned!!!

    • January 8, 2014 / 2:14 am

      So glad to hear it! I agree- pen and paper keep me much more organized than electronic calendars !

  2. Anonymous
    January 6, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    The color coding idea is really smart and lets you see visually your commitments week by week. I use mini post its also. That way if a task isn't completed, I just move the post it to the next day and don't have to re-write. ex: call vet to schedule boarding Love your system! TYJ

    • January 8, 2014 / 2:14 am

      Love your adaptation! Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂

  3. January 7, 2014 / 2:51 pm

    I love this, Gentry! I usually abandon my planner midway through the year, but as busy as my life has become, I need it more than ever. Thanks for these helpful tips!

    • January 8, 2014 / 2:15 am

      Thank you for reading!! I'm glad my tips gave some encouragement 🙂 I have faith you can keep your planner this year! 🙂

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