Gifting Made Easy: For Your Co-Workers

I am so excited to launch Girl Meets Bow’s very first gift guide! The Christmas season is my very favorite time of year and I love picking out the perfect gift for everyone in my life! I thought that I would launch this series with the most tricky of those to buy for- your co-workers. I say that this is the trickiest because when it comes to gifting for those you work with you want to make sure to walk the line between personal and professional, and that can sometimes be hard to navigate. I have personally gifted many of the ideas above and they are all big hits in the office place, so without further ado… 

Keep Calm and Merry On Card– In my line of retail I work with some pretty phenomenal vendors and have formed a great relationship with them. Since they work across the country (and around the world!) it’s nice to send them a card to let them know that I value their hard work and kindness in our work relationship. Plus, who doesn’t love to receive cheerful snail mail?!  

Gold Glitter Tumbler– Around our office we have purified water coolers everywhere, and those tiny styrofoam cups just don’t give a thirsty girl enough! All the gals in our office bring their own tumblers, so why not gift one that stands out from the crowd? 

Cute Coffee Cups + Keurig Cups– This was the gift I have all the girls on my team last year and it was a big hit! We all drink coffee like it’s going out of style (and the only thing keeping us awake!) so I picked up some cute patterned mugs and filled them with Keurig cups – it truly is the perfect balance between personal and practical! (#caffeineplease)

A Preppy Notebook– Even in the age of digital technology, everyone in my office still brings notebooks to meetings to write important information down, so once again my theory is “the preppier the better”! Taking notes in a cute book makes even the longest of meetings seem a little more fun and adds some happy cheer to your co-workers desks!

Motivational (and sparkly) Prints– This gift is probably the most specific and true to my office since we are a bunch of girls working in fashion! 🙂 Two years ago I found a special quote for each of my teammates and then framed them and added big bows (#nosurprisethere). The best part about this gift is seeing the girls still display them on their desks two years later! It’s nice to know your gifts resonated with those you gave them to.

So what do you think, do these ideas help you or spark ideas of your own? What are you getting your co-workers?

Thanks for stopping by y’all!

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  1. November 12, 2014 / 2:38 pm

    Great ideas! I love it.

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