Sunday Scripture

I hope y’all have been having the best weekend! I’ve been enjoying this gorgeous weather and soaking up some time to catch-up on my personal life (does that make me sounds like a boring adult… #oopstruthisout).

I really love this verse, and think that it is kind of a “mantra” for me for the new year. Our attitude is such a powerful thing, and it really can be a light for others who need it most. Have you ever been around someone who is so positive that they draw people in and make those around them happier? I believe that we are called to be that kind of positive light to those around us. Now I know this isn’t always easy, because there are some days when I most definitely am not feeling bright, but “being the light” is a daily goal I strive for.

How do you share the light each day?

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend friends!

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