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"Press For Champagne" watercolor print.


Happy day y’all! What do you have on your radar for this weekend? Our Junior League provisional members have their bus tour of the city on Saturday morning (where we go around town on this huge pink bus and visit past and present Junior League projects) and I’m so excited for the ladies to see the deep roots we have in our city! Then I’m headed home to O-Town to celebrate my bestie Jen’s birthday with a 90’s theme extravaganza!! And to top it all off I get to celebrate Father’s Day with my sweet family! I’m so excited for such a fun weekend 🙂 

I know I’ve ranted and raved on here about Loft lately- but y’all they have been killing it! And if there are any pieces that you’ve been lusting over, then you’re in luck! Yesterday Loft launched their most recent 40% off everything sale- so pick up you’re favorites before they are gone! Below are a few of the recent pieces that I’ve scooped up and am loving! 

I don’t have to tell you that tassels are SO in this season and I’m not upset about it at all! They are so much fun and add just the right amount of spunk to your look! This Tassel Pouch is so happy and cheerful I feel like my mood brightened just looking at it! ha!

Who else is watching the train wreck that is The Bachelorette this season?! Y’all I resisted watching it (two bachelorettes?! not interested!) but I “turned it on for a minute” two weeks ago and now I am reeled in hook, line, and disastrous sinker! All I can say is… why do you want Nick when Ryan Gosling is in the room?! Tell me your predictions!

The one thing I am not experimental with in my wardrobe is my earrings- I pretty much have the most boring earring game on the block! I wear the same classic studs everyday, and lately I have been craving a switch up. I’m on the hunt for new studs that can shake-up my look, so when I found these darling Tory Burch studs they fit the bill perfectly!

On a serious note y’all, please take a few moments to think of/ pray for Charleston and the loss they are experiencing after that horrendous church shooting. As you know it’s a city I absolutely adore and my heart breaks that such hate exists in our world. So thankful the police caught the shooter, but the hardest work of all is the healing that lies ahead. Hug your loved ones close!

Hope whatever you are up to is as fabulous as you! And have fun celebrating dad on Sunday- I know he deserves a special day! 🙂

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  1. June 22, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    I hope that Kaitlyn gets here crap together and realizes that Shawn is the cutest/sweetest guy?! I hate Nick, but my guess is he makes it far (she seems to really like him…)
    Renee C.

    • June 22, 2015 / 5:07 pm

      I hope so too! But it does look like Nick makes it real far… boo 🙁

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