Book Review: There’s Cake in My Future

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I’m so excited to introduce a new element to Girl Meets Bow- book reviews! I absolutely love reading, and have always been a bookworm, so it will be fun to share my current reads with you as well as what I do/don’t recommend. Since this is my first review, please let me know your thoughts on the format and if there is any additional information you’d like to see! 

Best friends Nic, Seema, and Mel are all at a bridal shower for Nic who is about to marry the love of her life. Nic creates a “cake pull” and carefully plots out which charm every attendee will pull out of the cake. An engagement ring is perfect for Mel who is trying to get her boyfriend of 6 years to commit; and Seema needs the chili pepper to spice things up with Scott, her best friend she’s hoping for “more” with.  But things go awry when the cake gets shifted and none of the ladies pull their intended charm. As the party guests fortunes all start coming true, the ladies must have faith and trust that the cake may know best! 

I devoured this book and read it cover to cover in one day! Though certainty not the deepest plot in the world it was well-written, fun, witty and had you rooting for each of the ladies to reach their “happily ever after”. There were just enough plot twists to keep you guessing, and the ladies were so relate-able that I felt as if I was spending the day with my own girlfriends chatting about love, life and our endless pursuit of both! If your looking for something light-hearted and breezy, but still with a big heart, then I would totally reccomend “There’s Cake in my Future”.

Happy reading y’all!

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  1. September 1, 2015 / 4:28 pm

    I'm going to look for it on my nook! I'm getting married next month so I'm trying to soak up all things bridal while I can. I was planning on having a cake pull at my rehearsal dinner but we opted for something else. Thanks for the suggestions.

    • September 1, 2015 / 5:44 pm

      So fun!! Soak it up girl 🙂 After reading this I'm totally thinking I want to do a cake pull someday! So fun! Happy Wedding month!

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