Make it Your Own with CaseApp

Happy Monday y’all! I hope that you (like me) are getting today off of work and are having some fun relaxing! I actually plan on cleaning the house from top to bottom- I’ve been so busy this is the first chance I’ve had to deep clean and I let’s just say she needs it! 🙂

For now, let’s girl talk: nowadays, our phone is an extension of our personality! Since its always in our hands, don’t you want it to be way to make your mark? That’s where CaseApp comes in! For under $40 you can custom-design your phone case with any colors/pictures/graphics your little heart desires. So next time you pull it out to send a new text or answer a call, everyone will know a little bit more about y-o-u! Use CaseApp to make it fabulous! 🙂 

Top: J. Crew (almost identical factory version) // Skirt: Loft (similar here) // Necklace: Etsy // Tote: Barrington St Anne Spring Monogram // Phone Case: c/o CaseApp 


Have a great Monday y’all!

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