Sunday Scripture

If there was one word to describe my life lately it would be “unsteady”. I don’t mean that in a bad way (I’ve always been good with change & rolling with the punches), just that nothing seems to be staying the same. After April 30th (when my presidency ends) I’m going to have all this time on my hands- and sometimes not knowing what I’m going to do with it all really freaks me out! I’m so used to being busy, what am I going to do with no constant meetings and hundreds of emails to answer?! 

I also pray continually for my future husband & children. It’s a lifelong dream of mine to be a wife and a mother, and though I thought it would happen much earlier in my life, the Lord clearly has had other plans for me. But daily I pray for my family-to-be and am thankful that the Lord is shaping me a growing me so that when the time comes I am ready to be the woman he has called me to be.

I spilled my heart out above to say, that this verse today speaks volumes of truth to me. Y’all, although there are moments I question and doubt and wonder about his plans, around every turn and every corner he shows me that “He is faithful”. He’s right there with me, walking beside me, and showing me that He does know best. Thank you Lord that I am not going through it all alone and He is molding me daily. 

If you’re going through times of uncertainty or unsteadiness too, I hope that you will cling to His promises and remember that no matter what, He is faithful.

Love y’all & am praying for each of you! XO

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