LPD Roundup

If you ask most fashionable women what one staple closet item is, they will almost always uniformly answer: a Little Black Dress (LBD). But what happens when black just doesn’t look that great on you? For me, black doesn’t do anything for me! It’s definitely not my “power color” and not one I gravitate to in store… enter my closet staple- the “Little Pink Dress” (LPD)! Over the years I’ve come to realize that pink is my power color 🙂 I feel my best & invincible when I’m wearing it!

If pink is your power color too (or if you just love it!), then you’re in luck. Today I’m rounding up some fabulous little pink dresses for every budget and occasion- which is your favorite?

Little Pink Dresses

ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR (Just added this to my shopping cart!) // FIVE // SIX // SEVEN (almost 75% off!)


Have a great Wednesday y’all! Can’t wait to share another fresh new look with you tomorrow!

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