Sunday Scripture


I am so excited for the return of “Sunday Scripture” this morning. To be honest, with my crazy travel schedule and commitments the past few weeks, I’ve been very distant from the Lord- lacking in quiet time and moments to soak in His message. But this week I’ve re-invigorated myself by diving back into His word and getting my “groove” back.

And that’s the amazing and beautiful thing about the Lord- His grace knows no limits. Even though my heart was distant and pushing him to the bottom of my priorities, He waited patiently for me. He knew that I was coming back to Him. He knew just what my heart would be aching for and needing in time with Him. And he gives me so much grace to cover it all. 

I was so inspired by the verse above that it stopped me in my tracks! I absolutely love the blog, Sweet Blessings, for her precious printables and verses that somehow always hit me with whatever I am going through at the moment. The Lord always finds ways to reach us (even through blogs!) just when we need it 🙂

Happy Sunday friends and have a fabulous week!

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