Sunday Scripture + Thoughts


Happy Sunday sweet friends! Sorry that I haven’t been consistent with the Sunday Scripture series, I’ve been a little out of touch in my own prayer life, and I haven’t wanted to paint a false front on the blog. Thank goodness that the Lord is faithful, even when I am not!

My bible study recently went through the book of Romans, and even though I missed a little in the middle, I was able to finish strong – and am so thankful I was able to do so!  The verse today is one of my favorites from Romans 12, and definitely showed up right when I needed it most. It was a gentle nudge from the Lord to not lose hope, and be faithful- even when it is hard and answers seem uncertain. I know that I want to be a woman who is faithful in prayer (and I’ve been doing so much praying lately!) so I am taking these sweet words to heart.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I’m off to church, then a pedicure that’s long overdue and deep cleaning my house. It’s going to be great day! Hope y’all enjoy yours!


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