Sunday Scripture

I’m so excited to be back with Sunday Scripture- I love these special posts as it is so nice to share thoughts and inspirations that are on my heart & how the Lord is working in my life (and what he is teaching me).

One of the things the Lord has been most diligently working on with me is patience. It’s also the lesson that I’m pretty much the worst at! I like things to happen when I want them to (which is usually instantaneously) so “waiting” isn’t really a word in my repertoire. But God has had different plans for me the past few year and he is teaching me the importance of patience, and the waiting. So if you are in a season of waiting too, take heart! He is working for things we cannot yet see 🙂

PS- In the midst of the business of everyday life, I’d love to leave you with this (very timely) thought from my First 5 App recently: “God is not looking for our ability. Instead, He is looking for our availability”. Friends can I encourage you to leave yourself available to his work today?


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