Sunday Scripture

I’ve been thinking about “loving our neighbors” a lot lately. In the world today, it seem that all wear hear about are our differences, divisive issues, & strife between those who don’t see eye to eye. It’s almost as if the world is encouraging us to not get along (I mean what would they cover on the news if we weren’t fighting all the time?!)

But God doesn’t call us to fight with each other. Or to hate those with different opinions. Or to disrespect those from a different country, with a different upbringing. Rather God call us to love. Love our friends, love our families, love our neighbors, love our enemies. He will take on rebuking & rebutting. All we are called to do is LOVE. 

And I don’t know about you but that is kind of a weight off my shoulders! It’s not my job to judge or worry about what anyone else is doing. It is simply my job to love as the Lord has loved me (in spite of all my failures and flaws)!

Friends, I hope these thoughts encourage you as they do me!

Love y’all! Happy Sunday!

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