Dear Santa…

Jacket: Loft (sold out, almost exact) || Tee: Zuilly (gift) || Shorts: J. Crew Factory || Tote Bag: c/o Honeymoon Hats || Sunglasses: c/o Diff Eyewear || Shoes: Converse || Apple Watch with this band

I feel like today’s post has to come with a big disclaimer, something along the lines of “I’m not a crazy nut… it really is 85 degrees in Florida & shorts are all that don’t make me sweat!” (Or you know, something like that!) đŸ˜‰ 

Last Sunday some of my favorite gal pals and I did a peddle pub boat ride called “Kraken” here in St Pete and I knew between the sun and the peddling I would need to stay cool- so out came the shorts! I added this hilarious tee that my bestie, Abby, got for me for Christmas (she so knows my love of early 2000s hip hop) and of course this “Dear Santa” bag was the perfect finishing touch. Megan is SO talented and makes the cutest hats and bags for every occasion! They are the most festive touch!

Jacket: Loft (sold out, almost exact) || Tee: Zuilly (gift) || Shorts: J. Crew Factory || Tote Bag: c/o Honeymoon Hats || Sunglasses: c/o Diff Eyewear || Shoes: Converse || Apple Watch with this band

I still can’t believe that Christmas is MONDAY y’all! I still have so much to do and am only slightly (aka totally) freaking out about getting it all done. But I do have some fun happy hour plans tonight (b/c what else does one do when one is totally behind?!) I may not be around much next week – the blog will hopefully be getting a huge facelift (!!) and I want to enjoy time with my family and friends.

I hope y’all have the merriest Christmas and enjoy your time with your loved ones. So thankful for each and every one of you who takes time to stop by my happy little corner each day! Love to y’all!



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