Gifting with Girl Meets Bow: For the Lilly Pulitzer Lover

Elephant Pillow || Candle in a Jar || Phone Case || Velour Robe || Paradise Bound Packing Bags || Ceramic Mug || Infinity Scarf

Beach Towel || Hat || Cosmetic Bag

Luxletic Leggings || Cocktail Shaker || Flip Flops || Pajama Pants || Weekender Packable Bag

As I’m sure y’all can guess, today’s gift guide was WAY too much fun for me to put together! There is literally nothing in this post that I would be sad if Santa brought me… it’s all so colorful and fun! One of the things I love most about Lilly Pulitzer, is that when you use one of her pieces (or wear one of her dresses) it just makes you happy! Like goofy-grin-on-your-face happy! And in today’s crazy and ever changing world, I certainly think we could all use that kind of happy. So whether you’re shopping for a Lilly girl, or just a girlfriend who could use a colorful gift, I hope these ideas help you with your shopping!




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