Sunday Scripture vol. 5

Psalm 36:5-7

Another sweet Sunday friends, and I’m so thankful to get to share a new verse with you today! Before we dig in, I just have to tell y’all how thankful I am to not only have this space to share my heart with you, but that y’all have been opening up so much to me! Each week a scripture from my daily bible just lands on my heart, and when you tell me that it matters to you or encourages you- well that’s a God wink! 😉 Please know that it means so much to me to be able to support you and pray over/with you as we go through this journey of life together!

The past few weeks of scripture we dived into how God helps us get through hard times, struggles, defeats, and I loved today’s verse because it is such a clear and strong reminder of this simple truth- God is GOOD and he loves us so much! It’s as big and as simple as that 🙂 We are so very loved by a God whose love is unfailing and the depths of which reach the heavens. We can have confidence and take heart because he is good, and he is for us. It is a precious gift that we have been given and it just reminds me that this very life I am living is one that He chose for me. For that I am thankful & inspired!

Today I pray that you know how deeply and vastly you are loved!


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