Sunday Scripture vol. 9

Oh happy Sunday sweet friends! I touched on this topic a little earlier this week when we chatted about my month of no shopping, but I thought today, and this verse in Luke 12:33, was the perfect opportunity to dive a little deeper!

One of the most eye opening things for me about my no shopping month was realizing how much self-worth I placed in “stuff.” I always thought that because I have a strong faith life & prayer life that I wasn’t necessarily effected by materialism, but stripping that part of my life away the past few weeks made me realize that there was still a part of my life that I hadn’t handed over to the Lord yet. How much time have I been wasting shopping for what’s new instead of listening to the new things God wants to teach me? How much time am I wasting buying, buying, buying, when I should be using my resources to give and help others? It’s not that I don’t or never do these things, but “shopping” has taken the place of where I could be doing more- and it’s made my self-worth so tied into “having” that it was hard to step outside of!

If you struggle with some of these feelings too, I encourage you to print out this verse- heck tape it to your bathroom mirror if you need to!- as a daily reminder that our worth is in heaven. And when it is there NOTHING can change our value or diminish our worth in the eyes of the Lord. Investing in Heaven is the smartest thing we can do!

Friends I hope these thoughts encourage you like they do me! Praying for you! XOXO



    • girlmeetsbow
      May 6, 2018 / 6:13 pm

      Happy Sunday to you too! 🙂

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