Sweater: J. Crew || Jeans: Wit & Wisdom || Booties: Target (similar linked) || Bag: Danielle Nicole (similar linked) || Earrings: Zenzii || Apple Watch with this band

Happy Monday friends! I feel like I’ve been SO quiet on the blog/social media the last week- but it is the busiest time of the year and to be honest it has been hard to juggle everything! I’m still learning my new job at work, my social life is in high gear with the Christmas season, & there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done! I love the fun, festive cheer this time of year, but anyone else struggling to stay on top of it all??

This last week I was reminded of an important fashion session- keep it simple! Small backstory: I’ve always been so inspired by fashion. I used to cut out my favorite outfits from magazines and I made a “fashion binder” that to this day I still flip through to be inspired. (I like to think it was the original Pinterest- haha!) Once Pinterest did come out I would pin favorite looks onto my boards, and now I keep an album on my phone of my favorite outfits/looks from IG/blogs/etc. I’m perpetually inspired!

But somedays, being inspired causes me to try “too hard.” Does that ever happen to you? Where you try so hard to make an outfit work and then all day you’re just uncomfortable because at it’s core the look just isn’t you?! This happened to me last week, and I kept reminding myself the next day : simplicity! When we wear outfits that are most “us” and come together naturally, that’s when we look and feel out best. Take this simple jeans + swing sweater outfit… it’s certainly not groundbreaking, but there is something timeless about its simplicity and it just feels so much more “me” than piling on layers of clothes & scarves that just doesn’t feel natural!

Sweater: J. Crew || Jeans: Wit & Wisdom || Booties: Target (similar linked) || Bag: Danielle Nicole (similar linked) || Earrings: Zenzii || Apple Watch with this band

Photography: c/o Amber Nicole Portrait




  1. December 10, 2018 / 12:56 pm

    Such a brilliant pertinent post Gentry – I can totally relate to the busy business at the moment. I guess the only way to get through everything is – coffee, lots of lists and taking each day at a time with a smile! I have some long, long days this week at work – 11 hours – but am focused on the week-end to get me through. When do you finish for Christmas, and how long will you have off? I do agree that sometimes it is nice to not have to think about your clothing – I guess in your industry this is harder than mine, where being quite simply dressed is an asset – but you can rock any look – streamlined navy or more adventurous combos. When we are tired sometimes the simply outfits are the best though – I’ve made some frightful sartorial decisions when tired haha! Have a great week – keep us all posted on Instagram as to how you get on! J xx

    • girlmeetsbow
      December 12, 2018 / 6:04 am

      Your encouragement always mans so much to me! I can’t thank you enough! I will be off from 12/24-1/2 and I cannot wait! I’m taking a real vacation and so looking forward to it! Hang in there too friend!

  2. December 10, 2018 / 1:29 pm

    The prettiest background and a great classic look!

  3. December 10, 2018 / 1:50 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! My favorite outfits are always the ones that happen accidently or effortlessly. I’d love to see your fashion binder! It really does sound like the original Pinterest, haha.

    • girlmeetsbow
      December 12, 2018 / 6:12 am

      Oh my gosh – I need to share! I think I did a blog post forever ago but I need to update it!

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