Sunday Scripture Vol. 20 (“Even If”)

Even If Mission City Worship

Oh happy Sunday my sweet friends! I can hardly believe that we are 2 sleeps from Christmas… wowza!

I have been so excited to share today’s post with you- and today’s the day! I’m actually going to keep my words pretty short, because the video does so much more than I ever could 🙂 A few weeks ago I attended a “Night of Hope” with Tim Tebow and the Mission City Worship band sang this song “Even If.” It stopped me in my tracks and I immediately downloaded it and have been jamming to if ever since! I think we can all agree that we have been through or dealt with hard things in our life, but even if that it part of our story… GOD ISN’T DONE WITH US! My favorite line in the song is ” ‘Cause I know if I’m still breathing, you’re still working // and I know that if I’m still here than you have a purpose.” SO MUCH HOPE friends!! Please do yourself a favor, grab your coffee, and enjoy this knock your socks off worship song. So thankful!

PS- My second favorite line might be “I know that when I praise you, the enemy loses”- oh YESSSSS! Gosh I just love this song so much!


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