Sunday Scripture Vol. 23


Happy Sunday friends!

This is such a great verse & the best reminder of God’s goodness and grace and honestly a reminder that no matter where we are in our faith journey that we ALL need his mercy. (And how thankful that his mercy NEVER comes to an end.)

I had an experience last night which reminded me deeply how thankful I am for God’s grace. When we think about our day to day, how many times do we unintentionally small (or sometimes big) things that could cause people to say “but I thought she loved the Lord?” I mean, I can get pretty aggressive in traffic, and though it might sound silly, does how I am acting align with my love for the Lord? After a run in last night where I was on the other side of that situation, it made me think about my actions & if it all aligns. And then I was insanely thankful for God’s grace, and that every day is a fresh chance for his mercy! It’s new every morning and what a blessing that is!

I hope y’all have the sweetest Sunday ❤️



  1. Ashley
    April 12, 2019 / 10:29 am

    Love this! It’s so easy to get caught up in daily happenings and respond quickly before thinking about the big picture and how we should respond. God is so good and I am so thankful for His love and mercy, and fresh beginnings each day to try to be better today than I was yesterday.

    • girlmeetsbow
      April 13, 2019 / 7:36 pm

      I am so thankful for your insight and thoughts! You are so right- each day is a fresh beginning and a new chance. Have a wonderful week!

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