Sunday Scripture Vol. 25

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Hi friends! So excited to share some thoughts around today’s “Sunday Scripture” with y’all!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I’m not shy about sharing my “waiting period” (and the challenges and blessings that it has brought). I have learned to live in the wait, to thrive in the wait, to run after the life God has brought me to in the wait… but one thing I never considered was how to embrace the end (or seeming end) of the wait. Like anything in life, we learn to get comfortable where we are- and we definitely get used to the periods of life that we are in. But God promises that are waiting will not be a minute longer than in necessary, and that he will fulfill every promise in his time. What reason to celebrate!

It can be scary to embrace the new- even when it is the fulfilling of a promise- but girls, trusting God is worth every ounce of fear you may have to overcome! One thing I have been reminding myself of these days is that God loves to lavish goodness on his children. He loves to spoil us and see us happy! In going through valleys of life I think sometimes we forget that- but he doesn’t stop wanting what’s best for us for a second.

So friends, open your hearts and let’s embrace the goodness God has planned for us!


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