#GMBSeptemberStyle Launch!

Join me with a chic #ootd calendar for the month of September!

Happy Saturday friends and happy last day of August ( I know… can you believe summer is basically over?!) I’ve been eagerly waiting for today to share a super exciting “project” with y’all and now I get to unveil it! But first, a little backstory….

Over the last few weeks I was finding myself super uninspired when it came to getting dressed each day. If you know me, then you know that this isn’t my usual attitude towards getting dressed. 99% of the time I think of putting an outfit together as the most fun part of my day! So I started thinking of some ways I could bring the fun back into getting dressed. At the same time I was thinking how great it was over the summer when my office (I work for a national retailer as an Associate Apparel Buyer- so I work in a fashion office) put together an #OOTD calendar and each day we had a different theme to follow for how to dress that day! It was so much fun and we loved seeing how each of the girls in the office interpreted the themes differently/made them her own.

In tandem with some of these thoughts around outfits/getting dressed, I’ve also been craving creating a deeper community with y’all and really interacting more with each of you! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the comments, messages, emails, DM’s etc that I receive from y’all! I really feel like I’ve made some darling friends online and it is too much fun to see the relationships that have been built- but I want to foster even more of that and ideally foster friendships between y’all!

So then my brain went into overdrive and I really started thinking hard… Is this the perfect opportunity to bridge fashion + community? And friends I think it just might be! Here are my simple thoughts on how it could work:

– Each night I’ll share the next day’s #ootd theme so you can prep your outfits (hopefully it goes without saying that there is no pressure to participate and you can pick and choose what days you want to join in!)

– Then the day of each theme, I will of course share how I am styling the theme, and then I’ll share y’alls pictures/stories! If you’d like to be featured please tag both @girlmeetsbow & #GMBSeptemberStyle (either on your feed post or story) and then I will be re-posting in my stories!

My heart for this whole endeavor is to both help you feel like the stylish, fall fashionista that you are as well as build relationships and an even deeper sense of community around here! I love getting to know y’all and think this is such a fun opportunity to do that in a new way!

I am so excited about the challenge and cannot wait to participate with y’all and see all your fabulous looks!


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