Sunday Scripture Vol. 29

Happy Sunday!

I am currently working my way through “Cultivate” by Lara Casey and it is totally changing my mindset around business, commitments, and giving things in my life space to grow (learning how to say “no”). One of the things that I loved in which Lara says, is that cultivating a meaningful life is the goal- and the fruit of the spirit (above) is the result. I don’t know about you, but when I look at this list I want to fully embody every one of these characteristics! But the hard truth, is that if I don’t make space in my life, if I don’t allow things to breathe, I don’t have the room to grow these things and God doesn’t have space to work. I don’t want to crowd my life so much that I crowd out God!

So right now I’m praying over my life, what are things I need to say “no”to? What are things that need more space in my life? These aren’t easy questions, but I know that they will yield the most fruitful results!

Have the best day friends!


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