Top Recommendations for Your Wedding Registry

Morning y’all! A few weeks ago I went out to y’all on Instagram to get wedding registry advice and y’all delivered! I got hundreds of ideas, products, advice and every one was so helpful! After doing our own research as well (Rob loves Consumer Reports and Google Reviews!) I’m excited to say we finally finished our registry and now I’m ready to share what your top ideas were!!

When Rob and I first sat down to work on our registry we were pretty overwhelmed- since we made ours on Zola we literally had the entire internet to choose from! So, if you’re a bride to be I hope this post can be a resource for you and help you to weed through everything that’s out there! Pin or save this post for later as an easy reference 🙂

One of the biggest pieces of advice we got was to make sure there was a good mix of price points on the registry- both those low and high! You never know what someone’s budget is so having all prices represented allows everyone to participate in celebrating your wedding! You’ll see a mix of everything below, so I hope that this is helpful advice for you too!


Kitchenaid Stand Mixer– definitely the OG registry item! If you are in the kitchen a ton & love to bake, so many of y’all said this was 100% worth asking for (and worth the investment!)

Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum– this is the one we registered for! After doing allllll the research, we felt like the newest Dyson would be best for us (and our Buddy bear!)

Vitamix Ascent Blender– Rob makes green smoothies every morning, so this was an important kitchen item for him! Rather than register for a cheap one that may not last, we decided this was a piece worth investing in! Lots of y’all raved about it!

Eufy Robotic Vacuum– robotic vacuums sure are a hot topic! There are definitely people who love and don’t love them- ha! Far and away though, the Eufy popped to the top of our research, so if this is something you’re looking for we felt confident in this brand!

Instapot– these are the hottest items for the kitchen right now, and when we found a Star Wars version… well that was a winner! Ha. I’m already collecting recipes for us to use!

Cookware Set– we are starting over from scratch in the kitchen, so this pot and pan set is perfect for giving us the basics we need! A long-term investment for us that I can’t wait to use!


Utensils Set– This is a great & affordable set of utensils and I loved the color coordination! I’m all about our new kitchen being pretty AND functional!

Kitchen Tools Set– love this Set as well! It’s got everything you need for under $25 which is an awesome price point gift! Since we are starting our kitchen from scratch we need all the basics we can get!

Measuring Cups Set– another kitchen basic, but I love that it coordinates with the other pieces we are registering for.

OXO Pop Containers– Rob is obsessed with OXO products, so he’s really excited about this one! We are so excited to get our pantry organized and really maximize our space, and I cannot wait to put these containers to use!

Serving Bowls with Airtight Lid– I love a colorful kitchen, and these bowls with an airtight lids are so fun! Perfect for both mixing and storing. Lots of y’all recommended the William and Sonoma ones, but these were much more affordable of an option for our guests!

Knife Set – this is the ultimate kitchen basic, but a huge recommendation from all y’all! We researched this one to death and Chicago Cutlery rose to the top!

Baking Set– another kitchen basic that will set us up for lots of baking success for years to come! This has everything a beginning Baker needs 🙂


Plate/Bowl Place settings– literally this was the item that took the LONGEST to settle on when putting our registry together! Who knew plates would have so many options?! We wanted timeless and classic and think that’s what we got with these! Each place setting was individually priced which allows multiple guests to purchase at an affordable price. Another registry win!

Flatware– maybe the second most researched item on our list?! Ha. These again hit our classic and timeless requirements and we think they will be perfect for us and our new house 🙂

Deco Dot Serving Bowl– Kate Spade serving ware had the perfect whimsical but classic vibe for our kitchen that I was looking for! I registered for the full run of their “deco dot” pieces and am so excited to host our first dinner party using these!

Deco Dot Salad Bowl– another great serving piece in the collection!

Lemon Dish Towel– Loved this cheerful lemon print and that it coordinates back to our wedding theme! I thought this could be a fun way to bring a reminder of our special day, and start of our marriage, into our everyday kitchen!

Lemon Oven Mitt– of course we also need the matching oven mitt! Ha.


Frontgate Resort Towels– another area we did a LOT of research on was the best towels and these topped all the articles we read! They even have a monogramming option which you know I added to our registry!

Whew! I know this is a ton- and I’ll be adding some more items if we come across any that we missed! But I’d love to know what you loved from your registry, what you’d skip asking for, and any advice you have?! Y’all always have the BEST ideas! Join the conversation in the comments below!



  1. February 27, 2020 / 11:53 am

    I have a lot of the Kate Spade Deco Dot collection and love it!!
    I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with our registry, but really need to get things finalized before save the dates go out with our wedding website (& registry) on them. I think my biggest fear is that people will judge me based on what I’m registering for!

    • girlmeetsbow
      February 27, 2020 / 11:58 am

      I’ve had the exact same worry! That’s why we tried to have a nice mix of price points and styles. I know I like buying people fun, cheeky product! But some of my family would prefer to buy practical things. So there is something for everyone! 🙂

  2. February 28, 2020 / 11:17 am

    Yes to everything on this list! We went crazy with the registry, and realized we added quite a bit we thought we needed but didn’t. Stick the basics, and save the gift cards for a few months to see what you actually need!

    • girlmeetsbow
      March 4, 2020 / 6:27 am

      Great advice! Thank you 🙂 you’re a guru about this stuff!

  3. March 6, 2020 / 8:38 pm

    Love your picks dear. Those Serving Bowls with Airtight Lid look are really cute and convenient to have.

    Jessica |

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