Sunday Scripture: Happy Easter

There is no denying that Easter is a little weird this year. No big churches services, no large family dinners, no fancy dresses (well you do you if you want to wear one at home!) – but there is one thing that is unchanging. The unchanging truth is that this is a day of celebration, a day of joy, the day that Jesus rose from the dead and in doing so took our sin and our shame and made it no more! In that moment, he made us blameless and pure and we are now able to live and be loved by the Lord. What a beautiful day!

I don’t know where you are in your faith journey, or if you have a home church, but if you are looking for a great message this morning you can check out our church online : Grace Family Church. I know in this time we could all use a healthy dose of HOPE, and service this morning (watched in my PJs!) certainly delivered the peace and hope my heart craved. What an awesome reminder of how big and how good our God is. There is nothing he cannot do!

Our Easter plans shifted a little this weekend due to some unforeseen circumstances, so we are rolling with the punches and making homemade pizza to celebrate today! No exactly the gourmet meal I wanted to impress Rob with, but a sweet day nonetheless and a reminder that things don’t have to be elaborate to be so so good.

Happy Easter sweet friends! ?


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