The Easiest (and Yummiest) No-Fail Pasta Recipe

Well good morning friends! I woke up super excited to share something a little different with y’all today- a recipe! I shared this in my stories last week (and then took screenshots), but thought it would also be nice to save the recipe here for longevity!

Now I am by no means a chef, but now that I have a second person to cook for, it’s made it more fun to try my hand in the kitchen and get to cooking a bit more. This recipe today was actually the first meal I ever cooked for Rob, and when I told my family I was cooking for him they said “oh it must be love” – since they know cooking isn’t exactly my thing! I actually kind of made up this recipe over the years, but it’s not rocket science so I know anyone can do it! ? It’s truly the yummiest recipe and so dang easy! We love this and make it at least once a month!

Final note: we like a bit of spice, so we use spicy Italian sausage and a pasta sauce with a kick! But you can literally use any pasta sauce, meat, or noodles you want!

See? Easy as can be! If you try this recipe I’d love for you to share & tag me! Let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of!


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