Sunday Scripture Vol. 37

Happy Sunday sweet friends! I am so so thankful waking up this morning that it’s a long weekend and I still have more more day to soak in relaxation before one of the busiest/craziest/most exciting weeks of my life- wedding week!!!

As you know, my journey to this week has been a straight line or an easy path. It involved a lot of waiting, disappointment, stepping away of layers of my heart, and a lot of reshaping. But my prayer has always been that a God would be present in every step of my story & that it would reflect his goodness and grace. And oh friends, how it does! Rob & I are walking, talking, proof that God has a plan even when we cannot feel it, see it, touch it. And it will be so much better than anything we could dream!

I am full of so much gratitude and thankfulness today and pray that whatever stage of life you are in that you see how God is showing up for you today. ? Love y’all so much!


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