Happy Hour || 6.26.20

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While this post was intended to go live on Friday morning, I’m definitely using “publish” on Saturday morning- so sorry about the delay! About half-way through Thursday I got this unexplainable wave of fatigue- like, can’t keep my eyes open tired- and I had to push though my workday as I was on calls all afternoon. As soon as I turned off my computer for the day I CRASHED- and slept from about 7pm-7am (which never happens to me!) and then was doing my best to power through my Friday. Finally by dinnertime I was feeling back to normal but it was the strangest thing! I guess we all need to slow down and listen to our bodies- right? 

Anyway, there is never a bad time for a “Happy Hour” so still going to share all the happy, fun, and random with y’all today! Cheers!


I got a great question on IG this week- what are my must-have summer Lilly Pulitzer styles? She wanted to know easy pieces, that were lightweight and good for summer without being too dressy or fussy. Well you know my girl Lilly has you covered! I thought this was a perfect topic to pull together today- so take a peek at a few of my must-have Lilly essentials for summer:

PS- It was JUST announced that Lilly will be running a HUGE “Dressed for Summer” sale Monday-Tuesday, so make sure to stop by bright and early to get the inside scoop on everything you need to know & shop!! This is so exciting!


Y’all know I love me some Amazon- and they are becoming THE destination for fashion! Both under $30 finds, as well as high-end designer finds! They are running their big Fashion Sale of the Season and there are so many amazing deals on SO many top brands, including:

J. Crew Mercantile – I love & own these bow shorts (run TTS) which are now 50% off. Also love this faux wrap spring skirt– the orange would be perfect for football season (even if we can’t go to games in person).

WAYF- this pink dress is a stunner beyond words!! Get in my car stat!

Soludos- these summer espadrilles are all about the happy and they feel like summer!


This makes me laugh- but I also love it because it’s so dang practical! We came across this “Bacon Bin” which is brilliant for the kitchen. You can pour your hot bacon grease in the bin, and then once it hardens, you can use that grease for cooking or easily scoop it out to get rid of it. And how adorable is this design?! 

Bacon Bin


I’m pretty excited to say our plans are super low-key! We are planning on working in the yard and landscaping, weeding, etc. Our yard has been sadly neglected since we moved in so it’s time for us to get to work!! 🙂 Wish us luck, since neither of us 100% have experience in yardwork- ha!


I got some great feedback that y’all are appreciative of me sharing what I am doing to continue educating myself on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Next up on my roster is the following:

13th (on Netflix)– This is a documentary about the US prison boom and how it disproportionately effects Black Americans. Several of my girlfriends have watched it and said it is incredibly powerful and will really open your eyes so I’m hoping we will be able to watch it this weekend!

The New Jim Crow (non-affiliate link used) – Rob actually read and studied this book in grad school so we had it at our house. As soon as I finish my current summer read I am looking forward to diving into this book which he has said is also eye-opening and thought-provoking! 

Alright friends, that’s all for today! I hope you have an awesome weekend and I will see you back here on Monday to chat all things Lilly sale!! 🙂



  1. June 27, 2020 / 3:09 pm

    It is so fantastic to get the time to be reading blogs again! Your posts are always such rays of sunshine. The bacon bin is a cracking idea 🙂 GOT to try ordering some Amazon lcothes too, I hear such good things!

    • girlmeetsbow
      June 29, 2020 / 8:33 pm

      It is so nice to see YOU back!! I’ve missed your sweet comments and posts! XOXO

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