My Favorite Inspirational Books

Good morning! Y’all have asking about this post for awhile and I am so excited to bring it to y’all! One of my very parts of the day is the early morning- I’m an early riser (up at 5:15!) and I start off the day with quite time and prayer. I’ve mentioned this throughout the years and the question always arises- what are my favorite inspirational books? I definitely have several favorites- some are more “studies” while others are inspirational books, but I love each of these! If you are looking for a great way to start your study of the word, or to simply be inspired, I hope these books help!


Shop here: Everybody Always

This book y’all, this book!! My bible study leader got this for us for Christmas last year and I fell in love with Bob Goff and his zest for life from the very first page! The whole idea of this book is Bob’s belief that as Christians we are called to love everybody, always. Think about it… everybody, always. And each chapter he shares personal stories about loving people and what this mindset looks like lives out in everyday life. It will inspire you to go out and love bigger & better! It’s an amazing read!


Shop here: Kind is The New Classy

I love Candace Cameron Bure so I was super excited when I heard so had a book about living graciously- I definitely think kindness is something the world could use more of. This book is a super easy read, but I love how Bure wove stories from her filming and shows into real life examples of how she showed grace under pressure and remained kind. I also love that she wasn’t afraid to tell of times she was wrong or didn’t do a great job- because I think we can all relate to imperfection!


Shop here: The Circle Maker

This book completely transformed my prayer life, and if you find that you aren’t sure “how” to pray, or feel like you want to have deeper, more transformative prayers with the Lord, this book is exactly what you need! As you read through the book, Mark explains how her circled his biggest dreams and crazy audacious plans in prayer and how God answered in even bigger and unimaginable ways. It’s the most eye-opening book and truly turned my prayer life around. I cannot recommend it enough!


Shop here: Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free

This book just might change your life! I know, I know- those are pretty big words but friends that’s what this book did for me. The basic idea is that women grow up believing a LOT of lies, and many of them are the reason we can live lives that disappoint us, make us feel unworthy, etc. But this book combats every lie with biblical truths that made me go “oh, okayyyyyy!” The most life changing chapter for me was on singleness/marrige. And DeMoss said outright “A lie women believe is that every woman was made to be married.” Uh, come again?? But when she explained the biblical truth here, it was almost freeing to me (I was very single at the time) and it was actually what allowed me to start finding happiness and contentment in being single. This book is challenging- but it is so worth it! There is also a coordinating study guide and I recommend buying both in order to get the most out of this study.


Shop here: Love Does

This is my current read! I loved Bob Goff so much I had to get my hands on another one of his books. The premise behind this one is that love isn’t an inactive force… love DOES. Similar to Everybody, Always he shares stories of love in action that will inspire you and make you think about if you are actively loving those around you- and then how to do it better. Another highly recommended read.

If you are looking for something inspirational and moving, I hope that one of these books will be a great starting point for you! If you have any that you would recommend, feel free to drop them in the comments below so we can all enjoy! 🙂


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