Sunday Scripture vol. 37

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Happy Sunday sweet friends! I’ve had a thought running through my mind all week, and since I couldn’t shake it, I figured it was time to talk about it! As we all know, 2020 has been a whopper of a year! For so many people, including me, major plans have changed, small plans have changed, and life just isn’t “normal.”

But as I was praying to God this week he gave be this phrase/thought that changed my perspective: nothing has gone according to my plan, but everything has gone according to His. I’d love for you to chew on that one again- nothing has gone according to our plan, but everything has gone according to His!

There is nothing that has happened this year that God didn’t know about (crazy right?!) and while God wants to see His children happy He also uses all things for His glory- even a global pandemic and a less than normal year! I know you may have disappointment about things that have been “messed up” this year, but if you keep looking, how has God shown up for you? For me, when I look at our original wedding being postponed, all I see are His handprints in how he made a way for our mini wedding on our original date. Friends, I could go on for HOURS about how he has blessed that faithfulness in holding our date in our marriage. Truly His goodness is beyond compare! And while we are disappointed in not getting our Italian honeymoon, we’ve had some other changes at home (more to share!) that God has shown us, “Look at what I have in the works!” And I know His fingerprints are all over your life too- because that’s who our God is!

So friends, I hope you take heart and find encouragement today in knowing that even though nothing has gone according to our plan, everything has gone according to His!


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