Sunday Scripture Vol. 38

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I don’t think I have to preface this by saying that 2020 has been quite the year for all of us. So many of us have slowed down, taken time to evaluate what’s important, and realized that that there is more to life than constant hustle. Some of us have still found ways to experience so much joy (my wedding and Miss Eliza certainly top the list here!), but others have experienced sorrow and loss (both physical and mental).

So where does that leave us? For me, this year has deepened my faith in brand new ways. I’ve had to rely on the Lord more than ever to provide a peace that surpasses understanding, to root me when I became unanchored, and to allow me to still find a joy that overflows! And friends, while it sounds impossible, I do have a joy that overflows!

So I wanted to encourage you if you’re feeling lost, unanchored, or lacking peace, to seek the Lord and take some time to learn from him. He wants so much to provide what this year has taken away or challenged and boy how he loves you!


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