My 2020 Word of the Year + Goals

Sharing my 2020 Word of the Year as well as some of my goals for the year!


I am so excited to share more about my “word of the year” today and how my heart latched onto the word “faithful” this year. When I was thinking about my last few years, and how the Lord has transformed my life (and my heart in the process) it truly has been a progression. 2018 was all about learning to slowdown, make room in my life for the things that matter most & “savoring” my time and experiences. 2019 was the year that my roots stretched, grew, deepened, strengthened and the Lord helped me to be “unshakeable” in my faith. And now, when I look at the HUGE life changes 2020 will bring (a wedding, moving in with Rob, travel, and who knows what else?!) – the Lord has put faithfulness on my heart.

Here’s what that means to me:

– First and foremost being faithful to the Lord and our relationship, time together, and growth. Making sure nothing stands in the way and prioritizing that time!

– Being faithful in giving Rob and I’s relationship the time and attention it needs. While we spend a lot of time together preparing the house, planning the wedding, and with our families- it’s crucial that we continue to make time for our relationship’s growth and are faithful in prioritizing each other.

– Faithful in following though with commitments to my friends and making sure I make time for them and that they feel valued and loved and important.

– Being faithful in the time and attention that i give my family (and Rob’s!) Our life changes don’t just effect us- they effect our families as well who may need to adopt new traditions or adjust to us splitting out time with the other’s family. While it’s a happy change it is a change and I want to be faithful in giving time to everyone we love!

Whew! It’s a lot but I love that this word really grounds me and reminds me what’s most important in my life and where I need to spend my time and attention.

MY 2020 GOALS:

ONE: Be more thoughtful about my purchases.

Y’all know that over the past few years I’ve really been trying to make positive changes when it comes to my finances – and let me tell you that nothing makes you come to your financial senses more than buying a house and planning a wedding! Ha. As I was recently doing a massive closet clean out I saw so many thoughtless purchases that turned out to be something I wore once and then said goodbye to. I’m tired of living that way (and quite frankly, CAN’T anymore!) so in the new year I really want to make an effort to be more thoughtful about my purchases and how I spend my money.

TWO: Give myself grace through the upcoming life changes!

As I’ve mentioned- 2020 will be a year of alllllll the life changes! While I am overjoyed about all of them, I know that there are going to be moments of stress and/or being overwhelmed (I assume that’s natural!) and I want to give myself grace when I feel that way! I can be really hard on myself and my reactions (if they are less than graceful) but I am learning that it’s ok to be really, really grateful and happy and also be really, really overwhelmed for a minute!

THREE: Prioritize my morning devotions/time with God.

Going along with my word of the year, I really want to get back into my daily, morning devotions and time with God. Around the holidays this really fell off my radar and I could just feel my heart feeling scattered and needing that grounding. So far January is off to a good start and it feels wonderful to spend that daily time with the Lord each morning. I am looking forward to seeing what He has to teach me in our time together each day!

FOUR: Make time for healthy habits & exercise.

Another thing that fell off my plate in a busy holiday season? Working out and just making healthy choices in general! I wasn’t thinking about my food choices or taking time to work out and my body definitely suffered for it! This year it’s not about the number on the scale- or the number of workouts each week- it’s about making healthy choices for my body and my life! (And you know, the motivation of a wedding dress + Wedding pictures!) 😉

FIVE: Learn how to be a good wife and a great partner to Rob!

One of my favorite resolutions for the year is this one! I have prayed so long for the day that I would get to become a wife- and now we are only 4.5(ish) months away! Hand in hand with giving myself grace, I do want to be a great wife, partner, supporter, cheerleader, friend, to Rob! It’s hard to even put into words the joy he brings to my life and the excitement I feel to be his wife! I cannot wait! 🙂 I am praying that the Lord would continue to mold my heart and help me to become a Proverbs 31 woman.

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WOW- what a year it is going to be! I am so very excited for what’s to come and even more excited to bring y’all along on the journey! What are some of your resolutions or goals for 2020?



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